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President: MIRZOYAN Alexander Bagratovich


The Union of Football Veterans (SVF) was established on December 14, 1993, primarily with the aim of protecting the rights and interests, as well as supporting, including material, well-known football players in the past, legends of Soviet and Russian sports, who completely devoted their lives to sports and physical culture, who gave their strength and health in the struggle for the prestige of our country. It was these people who laid the foundation for great sports records and achievements, and it was they who repeatedly defended the honor of our country in the international arena. 

The Union of Football Veterans is a collective member of the Russian Football Union (RFU), and the President of the SVF is a member of the Executive Committee of the RFU. By decision of the Executive Committee of the RFU, the authority to organize work among veterans, including with the national team, was transferred to the SVF. 

The Union of Football Veterans has adopted and is implementing a program of systematic material assistance to football veterans who are retired due to old age and disability. Particular attention is paid to veterans who are able to play football for health reasons. Matches and tournaments are systematically organized for them in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation. The national team of the Union has practically become a link among football veterans, since the basis of its recruitment is the principle of constant renewal of the composition. 

The main task of the Union of Football Veterans is to create a Center that unites representatives of this sport. The goal of the SVF is to use the creative potential of veterans to actively influence the development of football in Russia, and, above all, youth football, by using available means and methods to participate in RFU projects to create a system for educating young promising football players. 

The Union of Football Veterans became the founder of the Children's and Youth Football School in the Eastern Administrative District of Moscow, in which more than two hundred children study under the methodological guidance of the members of the Union. 


The project "Legends of National Football" was implemented as a unique multi-volume publication and Internet resource under the auspices of the Union of Football Veterans (President Alexander Mirzoyan).

Within the framework of the project "Legends of National Football", the fates of outstanding football players and coaches of national football for more than a century of its history have been studied, their exclusive illustrated biographies have been developed and presented. 

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