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The 40th USSR Cup took place in February-May 1981. Rostov SKA became the owner of the Cup for the first time. The previous owner of the Cup Shakhtar Donetsk was eliminated in the 1/8 finals. In this draw, again at the first stage in eight zones, consisting of 6 clubs (except for zones 2 and 4, consisting of 5 clubs), one-round tournaments were held. 14 teams - the top two in each zone and the winners in zones 2 and 4 - advanced to the 1/8 finals. Starting from the 1/8 finals, the teams met each other in a knock-out cup system. Dynamo (Tbilisi) and  "Spartak" (Moscow) started the tournament from this stage. All stages were played in one match.



Moscow "Spartak" and Rostov "SKA" met for the second time in the finals in the history of the USSR Cups. AT  USSR Cup final in 1971  "Spartak" outplayed Rostovites (1:0) in an additional match, thanks to a goal  Nikolai Kiselyov . The first game ended in a draw (2:2), so a replay was required.

Spartak from the beginning of the match seized the initiative and territorial advantage, but it did not come to scoring chances. At the 35th minute  Yuri Gavrilov  was shot down in the SKA penalty area and the referee pointed to the spot. Penalty punched by the defender of "Spartak"  Alexander Mirzoyan , but the ball after it hit the post and the score was not opened. Rostovites in the first half relied on counterattacks, but they failed to create real threats to the gates of Muscovites. As part of Spartak, the most active in the attack was  Edgar Hess , who from any situation tried to break through on goal. However, his blows were distinguished by strength, but not accuracy.

At the 52nd minute, Spartak carried out a combination, at the final stage of which  Fedor Cherenkov  almost from the goal line passes back to the oncoming defender  Viktor Samokhin , but he sends the ball above the crossbar. In the second half, Spartak and SKA answered each other with mutual attacks. At the end of the match, the army team managed to open an account: the one who received the ball from  Alexandra Vorobyova  Alexander Zavarov  beat several defenders of Muscovites and gave a pass to SKA's top scorer  Sergey Andreev , with a bottom turn, with an accurate blow, sends the ball into the net. The remaining time was not enough for Spartak to save the match.



  Dasaev (c), Sochnov, Mirzoyan, Morozov, Samokhin, Shavlo, Shvetsov (Kalashnikov, 65'), Hess, Gavrilov, Cherenkov, Sidorov (Rodionov, 65')
Head coach: Konstantin Beskov


RadaevYashinAndryushchenkoKuryatnikovZuevGusev  (to),  Romanchuk  ( Vorobiev , 61'),  AndreevZavarov  ( Berezin , 90'),  GamulaDekterev  ( Goncharov , 58')

Main coach:  Vladimir Fedotov

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